This online course will unlock your ability to create the life you want to live and save your fks for what matters most to your heart. Through becoming superconscious of how your ego tries to mess with you and applying tools to live beyond mental limitations, you'll have real choice in what you want to create for yourself moving forward. 

Steve and I will show you how to be the CEO of your shitty thoughts and limiting beliefs, retrain your subconscious through a powerful daily practice to act and behave in favour of what you want, and show you how to access and supercharge your intuition, and how to use it powerfully. 

We’ll take complex topics and make them simple, offer real strategies to implement daily, share raw stories and truths delivered with a fun, tough-love approach – all in the name of bringing out what truly matters to your heart and soul, and going after it!

We also take the spiritual and manifestation concepts and make them uber practical so you know exactly what you've got to do to stay connected to fulfilling what your heart wants most.

Steve and I are super pumped to take you through our training in the comfort of your own home. We want nothing more than to help you understand and manage your limiting beliefs whilst you go after the things that truly matter to your heart. And this training is going to support you with that process.


Get to know your ego, limiting beliefs and enneagram inside out, so even you can't fk with yourself

Go beyond your limited self through accessing your superconscious and intuition, and how to use it powerfully to guide you toward what your heart wants

Create the life you actually want to live and apply daily and practical tools to act in favour of what you want

"I've never been brave enough to say what I want for fear of not getting it. With these tools I have the confidence to state what I want and know what to do to make my dreams a reality."



Online manual, audio recordings, meditations and videos are included to ensure you are well supported throughout this course.

  • Why you don’t get what you want and sabotage the good shit in your life.
  • How to define YOUR primary limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.
  • How to handle challenging situations and emotional triggers powerfully and with integrity.
  • Learn and apply powerful tools to dismantle limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Learn how to consciously listen to your ego and dark side and how to work with it, not against it.
  • How to connect to and access your superconscious and intuition to use as a guiding force.
  • How to access answers from higher guidance to life’s most important questions.
  • How to create true end results from your heart and bring them into your life. 
  • Learn how to apply spiritual processes that take you beyond the limited self and connect directly to a higher power to help steer you towards what truly matters to your heart.

"As someone who was ruled by every negative thought, for the first time in my life I finally get that I have thoughts but they are not me. This is freedom! I have so much more space in my mind now."



We've purposefully offered this course at a ridiculously affordable price because we want to reach as many of you as possible. There should be no barriers to doing this work!

Best Value


One-Time Payment


Audio Recordings


Hours of Video Content


Payment Plan


X2 payments


Audio Recordings


Hours of Video Content


"This course is blowing my mind and I'm not even half way through it! I thought I knew my limitations but this is next level self discovery."



This is totally up to you. Ideally you want to commit to completing this in a consistent manner to really experience and feel the benefit of each part building on the previous section. 

The best part about this is that you can do it once at a committed and consistent pace and then revisit any of the sections whenever you like!

You sure can! A facebook page has been created for this purpose to ask questions, share wins or clarify anything with Kat and Steve. Plus you'll be amongst other legends who have completed the course that you can connect with.

For the first time you do this course, hell yes. Each section builds on each other and requires to you to do each video, meditation and exercise in order. Once you have completed the course and have become familiar with the processes, you can choose which section you want to go back over. 


If you want a little more info before deep diving into the work, check this out. There's a reason why you're not getting or going after what you want. In our FREE webinar, UNFK YOURSELF, we explain why and how this is taking place and what it takes to shift the shit. Join us to find out more!

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